C++ representing integer and character in binary format.

An int and char type have the same internal format so we can represent the binary format of an integer or a character value with the same program.In this program let us represent some integers and characters in their binary format.The program below uses for(;;) statement (discuss in chapter 2) and a <climits> header’s file .

Some notes:
i)The CHAR_BIT is the number of bits the char type has(most probably 8).

ii)The number of bits in ‘int’ type is obtained by multiplying the size of ‘int’ type to the number of bits.

#include < iostream >
#include <çlimits>

using namespace std;

int main()
unsigned int i= 97 ;
char c= ‘a’ ;
unsigned int no_of_bitsi=sizeof(int)*CHAR_BIT ; //CHAR_BIT from <climt>
unsigned int no_of_bitsc=sizeof(char)*CHAR_BIT ;

/*Integer in bit format */
for( int is=1 ; is<(no_of_bitsi+1) ; is++ )
unsigned int ii=( i >> (no_of_bitsi-is) ) & 1 ;
cout<< ii ;
cout<< endl ;

/*Character in bit format */
for( int is=1 ; is<(no_of_bitsc+1) ; is++ )
unsigned int ii=( c >> (no_of_bitsc-is) ) & 1 ;
cout<< ii ;

cin.get() ;
return 0;

The binary output will be the same for the value ‘i‘ and ‘c‘, why?.