Python tutorial for beginners

I intended to make this website only for C and C++ tutorial but somehow I am forced to give some of the resources for learning Python programming too. Well, the more the merrier!! The tutorial is mainly directed towards people who are beginners in Python.

In this page all the Python features that will be discussed in this tutorial is listed. Almost all the features will be discussed and if possible we will also see some of the libraries and how to use them efficiently in our programs.

Feature list


>What is PYhton?
>Installing Python
>Difference between C++ and Python
>Python explicit line joining and implicit line joining
>Python identifiers and keywords
Python difference between keywords and built-in names
>Python string literals
>Python formatted string literals
>Python Numeric literals: Integer, floating point, Imaginary literals


002-Data types

>Python variable or object
>Python mutable or immutable objects
>Python difference between mutable and immutable objects
>Python integer-built-in data type
>Boolean data type
>Floating point data type
>Python complex number
>Python fraction and decimal
>Python String type everything you need to know
>Python string slicing ,string concatenation and unicode string encoding ,string decoding
>Tuple data types
>List data type
>List methods
    ->List append() method
    ->List extend() method
    ->List insert() method
    ->List remove() method
    ->List pop() method
    ->List clear() method
    ->List index() method
    ->List count
    ->List sort() method
    ->List reverse() method
    ->List copy() method
>Sets data type
>Sets type:set and Frozenset
>Dictionary data types
>Dictionary methods
    ->Dictionary clear()
    ->Dictionary copy()
    ->Dictionary fromkeys( )
    ->Dictionary get()
    ->Dictionary items()
    ->Dictionary Keys()
    ->Dictionary pop()
    ->Dictionary popitem()
    ->Dictionary setdefault()
    ->Dictionary update()
    ->Dictionary values()
>Difference between list and tuple
>Common properties of list,tuple,set and dictionary

003-Iteration and decision making

>Python if,else and elif statement
>Python ternary operator
>Python for loop statement
>Python range() loop function
>Python Iterating over multiple sequence at a time
>Python while loop
>Python Break and continue statement
>Python else clause on loop: for and while


>Python pass statement
>Python function default Argument Values
>Python scopes
>Python local scopes
>Python enclosing scopes
>Python global scopes
>Python built-in scopes or Python outermost scopes
>Python nonlocal statement
>Python difference between global statement and nonlocal statement
>Python nested function
>Python keyword arguments
>Python arbitrary argument lists


>Built-in functions

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