What is python (the programming language) ?

Python is a programming language developed by Guido Van Rossum,a Dutch computer scientist and mathematician.The language made the first debut in 1991 and today it is one of the most widely used programming language.Some of the used of Python are:
i)For programming in server side like making database.

ii)It can be also used for web development like web application.

iii)For software development.

iv)It blend well with C++.If you intend to develop a software with C++ and need a language for integrating the software from the web side or other processes then Python is a good choice.

Why prefer python over other languages


Python runs everywhere Linus,Windows,etc, you name it.Portability is the bare minimum issue with Python,everything can be made to run in different platforms with little tweaking and little know-how experience.


Python indeed no doubt is extremely logical and coherent.With little effort everything can be understood in no time.Everything is simple and there is no need to skim through your text or Python resources every now and then and thus coding can be done little effort.

Developer productivity

Python programs are smaller and less bulkier way lesser then JAVA or C++.Smaller program means executing the code faster.And faster is good! Python runs on interpreter system,this gives the advantage of running the program as soon as it is written.There is time consuming compilation or linkage steps.

An extensive library

Python has many good libraries and you can use those libraries to program whatever you want in no time.


Python can be integrated with many languages.While using different languages to program an application Python can act as an inter-mediator between each of the complex application and provide smooth working of each of the processes.

Satisfaction and fun

Python is fun! you will see as you start learning and programming in Python that everything can be done easily without having to nerve our brain in each of the steps.It come with a well-design data-structure and constructs which provide us with a well equipped tool to carry out everything smoothly.


The only drawbacks in Python is execution speed.When we execute the source code a compiled version of the source code called byte code (with the extension .pyc), which is then run by the Python interpreter.This slows down the execution process.However,the advantage of this is portability.

Although Python execution may be slower,in this age we have enough resources and hardware cost is barely a problem.By parallelizing the tasks we can gain faster execution speed.

How to install the Python coding software is shown here Installing Python -Python coding software.