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A C and C++ programming tutorial for everyone.You may use the material given in this site as a beginner’s guide(to C and C++ programming) or you may use it as a reference,if you are already familiar with the C and C++ languages.Besides the basic C and C++ topic the new features added to the languages such as C11,C++11,C++14,C++17 will be also discussed here.Every effort will be made to cover all the topics as much as possible.For every topic a code example will be provided to help you understand the concept better and if you need further assistance you may comment or contact us.We can assure you we are endeavouring to provide all the information as much updated as possible and in the course of using the site if any mistake or mis-interpretation of the concept is found just drop us an email,any suggestion to improve the content of this is always welcome,if you have any other issue we are always there just shout out to us!! 🙂


C is part of C++!

Even if the title suggest I do not mean to give a history on C and C++ or how it came to be,search Google for that.I rather meant to convey you that C is part of C++ and if you read the history of C++ you will find that C++ is rather built from C but with much more power and versatility but of course C still triumph in speed though.The simple fact is you can just get started with C++ without learning C and C++ cover most of the topics of C some of the recent features being an exception.So,either you are learning C or C++ you can jump back and forth between the two with little effort.But side note fully understanding the concept of Object-oriented programming,inheritance ,polymorphism,etc. requires a little more effort but still,C++ is fun so you will cover them in no time.Lastly before we begin a quote from the C++ creator;rather a comparison between C and C++:

C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off.

*Bjarne Stroustrup


001-Data types




C++11 , C++14 and C++17


**If you are confuse which IDE to choose you can watch the video below